Our growth over the past decade is attributable to a number of factors but primarily; Outstanding service, Integrity, Expediency, Relationships with clients and vendors and growing our Talent.

In employee terms it means the following: We want people who do more than show up for a check. Fotowerks is the best because we're hired by and staffed by the best. Our people are "Go getters" with no ego, an insane ability to be able to think on their feet and problem solve with a vengeance. There's a lot of "Soccer Moms" out there with their expensive cameras and business cards - but the pro's know that no amount of "passion" or "following their dream" is going to beat experience and what to do at a wedding when your flash dies, a lens bombs or you have one chance to get the shot in only MANUAL mode. You've also got to have a sense of humor and be an outstanding people person. Fotowerks office support, sales and photographers alike must be able to speak fluent "CEO" and "Panicked Bride".

If this sounds like you then you might be a perfect fit with us. If you're interested, check the job descriptions below and send us some basic information. We've always got room for the right people!

Outside Sales

You've got to be super flexible and ready for anything in this role. Job duties include contacting schools, sports teams, daycares, churches and other organizations and establishing/maintaining contracts for portrait photography (school photos,sports photos, church directories, etc.). 

Job Details

  • Work from home
  • Set your own hours (most work will need to be done during standard business hours)
  • Commission based pay (average commission per contact is anywhere from $50 - $2000)


  • Minimum 2 years sales and account management experience
  • Computer proficiency (Microsoft Word, Open Office, Studio Software)
  • Time Management and multi-tasking skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Excellent communication skills both written and verbal
  • Presentation skills
  • Excellent negoiation skills
  • Must be self motivated and result oriented

Interested? Apply below.


Ah, the coveted, all important, "look at me" job. Can't wait to get out there and prove yourself to be the best photographer Fotowerks ever had? Stay home and don't call. We don't care how awesome your Photoshop/Lightroom skills are. You'll be part of a team - and you'll be given assignments at events and functions and told what to shoot as part of that team. You're going to be working in hot and cold, uncomfortable and weird hours and no matter what, you're going to be hungry and thirsty and need to go to the bathroom. The world is NOT on your schedule - you're on it's. It's boredom and then breakneck - plus you've got to be able to get THE shot while making it gorgeous and getting it right in the camera. No editing, no tricks, no bull... It's not glamorous, it's not a "passion for your art" - it's facing the challenge and doing the impossible. THAT is what being a Fotowerks photographer is all about.

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