About US

Fotowerks LLC...Serving Wedding, Portrait And Corporate Clients Since 2001

From weddings in Las Vegas and Mexico to photo deliveries as far as the Ukraine, this humble little photo company has done a lot in its decade plus existence.

We've been trusted with the image of countless brides, families, celebrities, organizations and Fortune 500 Corporations. Each one entrusting us to do something as simple as take a photo and as important as having it become part of their legacy.

Our photographers are either classically trained and have experience in the field or have been trained by Fotowerks through our digital photography classes and internship under the guidance of Terry Bruno. Each photographer is chosen for not only their skills but their ability to take care of clients. They have to be a good Fotowerks fit! We don't take ourselves too seriously but take what we do for our clients VERY seriously.

Our work has been published in many magazines and featured on many blogs nationwide. 

Whether you need a custom portrait, wedding photography or corporate photography, we are the photographers for you! 

Fotowerks...preserving memories since 2001.